Fluoride Free Shower Head

The human body can not live for more than three days without water. Water makes up 75% of our body and 85% of
our brain matter. It’s the most important component to life. Without adequate amounts you grow sick, fast. The sad truth is that we think we have safe drinking water. Most people have slowly awoke to the fact that they would never drink tap water (and use bottled water?) Yet cannot explain why they are bathing with it daily!

The shower water enters our bodies through skin absorption and inhalation of steam. Chlorine and other synthetic chemicals readily evaporate in hot shower steam and can suck moisture from our skin causing excess drying.

Slowly but surely, millions are succumbing to fluoride and chloride toxicity. Both are dumped into city tap water by the truckload. Ironically, it’s done under the guise of health. Fortunately, awareness is growing. People want to know, “What’s the best fluoride filter?” Good thing, too!

Commenting on the additives, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that fluoride and chloride may contribute to weakening of the skeletal system, high risk of fractures, depression, kidney problems, poor thyroid function, obesity, lack of focus, asthma, respiratory problems and even cancer. The most inexpensive way to avoid these is by using a fluoride filter that also targets chloride!

As of today, I have managed to eliminate Fluoride, as well as Endocrine and Fertility Disturbers that are found in the “sewage”, and a chance to better my health, my mind and my soul, which in turn changes lives! As most know, I am as frugal as can be, and it is excruciating to throw money down the tube, but even more bothersome when the cure is always more intrusive and worse from exact “preventative chemicals” said to prevent them?


Immediately I felt the difference.

The removal of chemicals and o chlorine giving you noticeably softer, healthier skin, thicker, softer more beautiful hair especially as one stage of Filter contains Coconut (the fruit of life).


The Crystal Quest Shower Filter is the most advanced shower filter on the market. Using a two stage (KDF and Granular Activated Carbon) filter, it reduces both chlorine and other contaminants from your shower water. It now comes with a complimentary massaging shower head and your color choice of standard white or a chrome upgrade. Each Shower Filter comes with one (1) filter cartridge.  This filter cartridge will last around one year before needing to be replaced. 

My Experience

Since I have stopped using fluoride in toothpaste, and drinking water, my teeth have felt extremely clean and healthy! No eroding and decay of my weakened enamel, ans some small ones that were marked as concern were healed? Imagine that! The humor was when my dentist told me I must continue, with a special “Heavy duty Fluoride or else he “would not be able to take me on as a patient! Meanwhile, he actually asked if I had been seeing another behind his back, in the meantime in between time!

After many long days trying to find a single housing unit for my shower head that would effectively remove Fluoride, I was so excited! Not only does this fantastic unit, remove aluminium, hard metals, other by-products, Arsenic, Chlorine, Mercury, Lead, +100 different inorganic, bacteria, drugs, human waste. viruses et al. It was super affordable!

I have had the RO system for years, and I love the water, but the whole house system was far too expensive, wastes a lot of water and only delivers fresh water to your main sink! (It is still by far the best product for the home even today, but I don’t think I would do it over again)! The water softener used to rid chlorine from all water in the house is fantastic, but still, I wanted more!

This product, finally has it all, I have not come across another like it. And looking at all the research I have documented, decided that it was the right one for my family! I found it especially difficult, or found a lack of expertise in the staff knowledge of their products both in the USA and in Canada.

A lot of KDF/Distilled filters claim they do the job, but this is simply not true! My product does contain Alumina, but has a 7 step filter, in the unlikely case that Aluminium does come though if not changed on time (every 8 months)! It was the “activated Alumina” alone product that I was more concerned with. But since they deem fluoride safe as it is only in trace amounts and Chlorine (which is by government agencies) known as a Cancer causing agent!

Fluoride is more toxic than Lead! And since we go to great lengths to avoid too much exposure to paint or even crayons for our children. Investing in this really affordable shower filter, is well worth investing in your health! Namaste to everyone of you and may your Universe be blessing you with positive vibrations of pure love and light.

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